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Moves towards peace and nuclear disarmament on the Korean peninsula... and elsewhere?

A serious threat to France’s Atom Industries

Published 7 March 2018

Published in French on 6 March 2018

North Korea declares that it is ready to renounce its nuclear weapons under certain conditions, to not attack South Korea, and to dialogue with the USA. How will Seoul and Washington respond? What will the other nuclear states do? And what about France?

In the wake of the rapprochement which the North made during the Olympics at Pyeongchang, the two Koreas are taking steps to be closer, and to reestablish their links which were strained by North Korea’s nuclear tests and missile launches.
The special envoys of the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, have now returned from their exceptional visit to the North, where they met the leader Kim Jong Un during a banquet which he gave on Monday in Pyongyang.

That delegation, led by the national security director Chung Eui-yong, went straight to the president’s palace in Seoul to report to President Moon Jae-in concerning their mission.

The President’s office then held a press conference.
The communiqué below shows that there were unprecedented diplomatic advances.
Yet they should not be very surprising.

Remember what we wrote in January 2016:
Le 4e essai nucléaire de la Corée du Nord : point de départ de l’abolition des armes nucléaires ?

Remember also that North Korea was the only nuclear-armed state to vote for negotiations for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons - that was at the UN in October 2016.
Cf. 27 octobre 2016 : le jour où le grand retournement de l’histoire est devenu possible

Remember too that three other nuclear states abstained in that vote: China, India and Pakistan.

It remains to be seen how the five other nuclear states will behave - France being one - if they lose what has been their chief pretext (after Iran) for retaining their nuclear weapons.

Will Dassault Aviation and France’s Atomic Energy Commission be able to stand the heat, a new kind of global warming? What will become of our exports of Rafale aircraft and EPR reactors? A tragedy just round the corner? Tremble, good people, we are being threatened by Peace in Korea!

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Conclusions du voyage des envoyés spéciaux de la Corée du Sud en Corée du Nord
Communiqué de presse
6 mars 2018

[특사 방북 결과 언론발표문]
[Press announcement on the result of the special envoy trip to the North]

1. 남과 북은 4월말 판문점 평화의집에서 제3차 남북정상회담을 개최하기로 하였으며, 이를 위해 구체적 실무협의를 진행해나가기로 하였음

1. The North and South agreed to hold the third North-South summit at Panmunjeom at the end of April and agreed to hold working level meetings for this purpose

Le Nord et le Sud se sont entendus pour tenir fin avril un troisième sommet Nord-Sud à Panmunjeom et avoir d’ici là des réunions de travail en vue de le préparer.

2. 남과 북은 군사적 긴장완화와 긴밀한 협의를 위해 정상간 Hot Line을 설치하기로 하였으며, 제3차 남북정상회담 이전에 첫 통화를 실시키로 하였음

2. The North and South agreed to establish a hotline between the leaders of both sides to ease military tension and for close consultation, and agreed to have the first call before the third North-South summit

Le Nord et le Sud se sont entendus pour établir une ligne rouge entre les dirigeants des deux côtés afin de réduire la tension militaire, instaurer une étroite consultation et avoir leur premier entretien téléphonique avant le troisième sommet Nord-Sud.

3. 북측은 한반도 비핵화 의지를 분명히 하였으며 북한에 대한 군사적 위협이 해소되고 북한의 체제 안전이 보장된다면 핵을 보유할 이유가 없다는 점을 명백히 하였음

3. The North made clear its will to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and clearly stated that if military threats against the North are resolved and the security of its system is guaranteed, it has no reason to possess nuclear weapons.

Le Nord a clairement exprimé sa volonté de dénucléariser la péninsule coréenne et clairement affirmé que si les menaces militaires contre le Nord disparaissent et que la sécurité de son régime est garantie, il n’a pas de raison de posséder des armes nucléaires.

4. 북측은 비핵화 문제 협의 및 북미관계 정상화를 위해 미국과 허심탄회한 대화를 할 수 있다는 용의를 표명하였음

4. The North expressed readiness to have candid talks with the United States to discuss the issue of denuclearization and normalization of US-DPRK relations

Le Nord s’est déclaré prêt à avoir de franches discussions avec les Etats-Unis sur la question de la dénucléarisation et de la normalisation des relations entre les Etats-Unis et la République Démocratique Populaire de Corée.

5. 대화가 지속되는 동안 북측은 추가 핵실험 및 탄도미사일 시험 발사 등 전략도발을 재개하는 일은 없을 것임을 명확히 하였음
이와 함께 북측은 핵무기는 물론 재래식 무기를 남측을 향해 사용하지 않을 것임을 확약하였음

5. The North made clear that as long as talks continue, it will not resume strategic provocations, such as additional nuclear or ballistic missile tests. The North also confirmed that it will not use its nuclear or conventional weapons against the South.

Le Nord a clairement fait savoir que, aussi longtemps que dureront les entretiens, il s’abstiendra de nouvelles provocations stratégiques, telles que des essais nucléaires ou des tirs de missiles balistiques. Le Nord a aussi confirmé qu’il n’utilisera pas ses armes nucléaires ou conventionnelles contre le Sud.

6. 북측은 평창올림픽을 위해 조성된 남북간 화해와 협력의 좋은 분위기를 이어나가기 위해 남측 태권도시범단과 예술단의 평양 방문을 초청하였음

6. In order to continue the positive momentum created through North-South reconciliation and cooperation during the Pyeongchang Olympics, the North invited the South to send a taekwondo demonstration team and an artists delegation to Pyongyang.

Afin de prolonger la période positive ouverte par la réconciliation et la coopération du Nord et du Sud à l’occasion des Jeux olympiques de Pyeongchang, le Nord a invité le Sud à en envoyer une équipe de démonstration de taekwondo et une délégation d’artistes à Pyongyang.

* * *