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The Good-Guy, the Brute and the Seven Mercenaries

Published 9 March 2018

Published in French on 9 March 2018

Armed with their massacre weapons, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are making the world tremble by blowing hot and cold without warning. It’s hard to say which one is the good-guy and which the brute, because the roles are so reversible and the characters so unstable. One thing is sure: large or small, those two prime gesticulators need to be stripped of their terrifying devices. It is crazy to entrust the fate of the planet to Dr Strangelove and Mr Hyde.

As for the seven mercenaries still lying in ambush but ready to draw their pistols at any moment, they too need to be disarmed. That is a job for the peoples, the citizens and the parliamentarians.

In France, we too have our Jupiter who could, from his command post prudently buried under the Elysee Palace, cause a billion deaths. But we have a way of depriving him of his thunderbolts and also of opening the path to a general dismantling of nuclear arms.

We just need to get 20% of parliamentarians - 185 MPs and senators - to propose a referendum bill on this question: « Do you want France to negotiate and ratify with all the states concerned a treaty to ban and completely eliminate nuclear weapons, under mutual and international control that is strict and effective?" Under President Hollande, 126 parliamentarians supported this. Under President Macron, we should be able to find 185 who can think for themselves.

After that, it would be almost child’s play to find 10% of registered voters to express their support for this bill, as required by article 11.3 of the Constitution, since we already know that three out of four French people would say Yes to the question put.

To abolish atomic weapons, long live the referendum!
Citizens, go and vote!