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Terrorism and State Terror

Published 15 March 2004

The murderous bombings in Madrid raise for us the whole question of the means used by the « War against Terror ». So-called « pre-emptive wars » such as those waged against Iraq in 1991 and 2003 have caused thousands of deaths and continue to take their toll, while only making the problem worse.

We condemn all terrorist acts and threats, including those which are done or encouraged by the five nuclear states which signed the Treaty of Non-Proliferation. In May 2000 they undertook to eliminate all their nuclear weapons, and yet they have done nothing since then. These terror weapons threaten to wipe out whole populations, and yet are unable to prevent massacres by terrorists - who may perhaps themselves use nuclear arms in future. We demand the URGENT political decison to eliminate ALL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION through nuclear, biological and chemical disarmament carried out in an integral, universal and strictly controlled manner. This alone will permit the transition from the present climate of violence to one of effective cooperation between states. This alone will effectively counter the machinations of international terrorism and dry up its supplies. By persisting in brandishing the threat of nuclear massacres and making a mockery of France’s word, the French government and president are practising and maintaining the very terrorism that they claim to be fighting. To conquer this terrorism, the French people must punish at the ballot-box all the proponents of state terror, no matter who they are.