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A "Black Tide" in China, a catastrophe in France, both kept "off the radar".

Published 25 November 2010

This surprising SLIDE-SHOW has come to us from an anonymous source: its shock images of a catastrophe that occurred in July 2010 astonish us also by the lack of reaction to it in France and worldwide, despite the reports about it sent by agencies.

But where does this disinformation come from? China? France?

In France there is something worse than a black tide: one man who with one gesture can cause a billion deaths. Without waiting, he utters one sentence that kills our hope of a world without nuclear weapons: "Deterrence remains for France an absolute imperative - Nuclear deterrence is for us the Nation’s life insurance."

"Life insurance"... Really?

"For us"... Really? When ever did you ask our opinion, Monsieur le Pr├ęsident?

SLIDE-SHOW text in English


— Aftermath of the explosion of two pipelines on 16 July 2010.

There were explosions in two pipelines of the China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), China’s leading oil group, in a non-residential zone, according to a city spokesperson quoted by "New China". Hundreds of fishing boats and other craft took part in attempts to combat the resulting oil pollution in the port of Dalian. The explosion of the pipelines was followed by a fire.

— It began with the explosion of an oil reservoir and two pipelines

— This explosion of two pipelines of the CNPC in the port on Friday [9 July 2010] led to a spectacular fire and an oil spill.

— One pipe of 0.9m in diameter exploded on Friday at 6pm and provoked the explosion of a smaller pipe nearby.

— The first pipe was extinguished by midnight, but at least five explosions occurred on the second one.

— Over 2000 firefighters were mobilized to put out the huge fire. No one was killed in this operation.

— The explosions happened when a Liberian tanker was delivering oil.

— Dalian is China’s second port for the importation of crude oil, and is an important production centre.

—Shock photos

— One fireman was caught by the crude oil and died.

— Another was luckier. He was helped to safety. This 25-year-old fireman, totally covered in oil, managed to reach safe ground.

— China is preparing to use over 20 tonnes of oil-eating bacteria.

— A Greenpeace activist ascertains the extent of the damage, on Wednesday. Some beaches and a tourist island have been closed.

— Besides being an industrial area, Dalian is a tourist zone reputed for its seafood.

— Greenpeace activist ascertaining the extent of the damage.

— Greenpeace activist ascertaining the extent of the damage

— Fingers are again pointed at the oil company CNPC, as they were in December 2005 with the explosion of a chemical works in the province, and in January when the Yellow River was polluted by hydrocarbons.

— Dalian (China)

— Not as big an oil spill as in the Gulf of Mexico, but as serious.