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Attack on Charlie Hebdo: We must resist barbarism

Published 7 January 2015

Media Release from ACDN, 7 January 2015

We must resist barbarism

The murderous attack today in Paris that killed journalists and cartoonists of the weekly Charlie-Hebdo, along with police officers and innocent people in the way, provokes indignation and revolt – as do many other crimes committed by fanatics in recent times in various parts of the world.

It must provoke in us a determination to combat this madness in order to stifle and conquer it, using methods and values that need to be different from those of the murderers. It requires solidarity, the keen will to respect human rights and to have them respected, everywhere, particularly in France – and this requires of us a collective reflection on fundamental issues.

Here in the city of Saintes, we call on every citizen to come this evening to the Palais de Justice to honour the memory of the victims, and tomorrow (Thursday 8 January) to meet in the café « L’Epouvantail », to reflect together on ways to carry on a long-term campaign against the many-faced barbarism that is threatening human living and sharing in our nation and in the world.


This evening, say the media, over 100 000 people gathered spontaneously in France’s major cities: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux... But there were also numerous uncounted gatherings in provincial cities and towns. In Saintes, at least 300 people met in front of the Palais de Justice, lit candles, and marched down the Cours National to the Palissy Bridge.

Emotion is running very high in the whole nation, but the crowds everywhere are calm and determined. No banners of parties or NGOs are visible, but there are numerous improvised placards saying: "Je suis Charlie" [I am Charlie].


Cabu et les siens étaient des nôtres.