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Bishop of the poor, bishop of peace, and a convinced antinuclear activist
Mgr Jacques Gaillot has left us

Born on 11 September 1935 in St Dizier (Haute-Marne), he died of cancer in Paris on 12 April 2023. Mgr Jacques Gaillot is well-known for his actions in support of undocumented people, homeless people, migrants and marginals, and for the very liberal positions he took within the Catholic Church, for example on the marriage of priests and “marriage for all”, contraception and abortion. He is less well-known for his opposition to both civil and military nuclear technologies.
Marked by the (...)

Published 14 April 2023 [ lire la suite ]

Macron, Putin: two dangerous men, two nuclear dictatorships
The atom bombs have gone to their heads

Published in French on 27 March 2023
PHOTO French President Macron and Russian President Putin in Moscow on 7 February 2022 — Thibault Camus/AP/SIPA
Nuclear Dictatorships
There are many differences between them, yet they share one key feature: they think they are all-powerful. In truth they can at any moment annihilate millions of people. With no authorisation. And once the crime has been committed, they would not have to answer to anyone. They flout international law, the UN Charter, (...)

Published 29 March 2023 [ lire la suite ]

French Extreme Right-wing Party wants to "inscribe Nuclear Deterrence into the Marble of the Constitution"

Published in French on 11 February 2023
The group of 88 MPs of the RN party [the Rassemblement National, led by Marine Le Pen] has just presented a "CONSTITUTIONAL BILL aimed at protecting and guaranteeing the strength of France’s nuclear deterrence". This was presented to the Presidency of the National Assembly, and registered on 9 February 2023.
According to this Bill, nuclear deterrence "the fruit of General de Gaulle’s wish to construct and consolidate France’s independence and (...)

Published 11 February 2023 [ lire la suite ]

26 September 2022
Seven out of ten French citizens want to abolish nuclear and radioactive weapons and wish a referendum on the subject

11 September 2022
September 2022, the month that could open to path to peace

6 September 2022
Homage to Mikhail Gorbachev

10 March 2022
War in Ukraine: the Bankruptcy of Nuclear Deterrence

9 January 2022
A French presidential candidate goes on hunger strike

10 November 2021
Emmanuel Macron and his sleight of hand

9 November 2021
For a Convivial France in a Livable World without carbon emissions, nuclear technology or militarism

1 November 2021
Stop the Nuclear Insanity!

4 September 2021
Declaration of Candidacy in the Popular Primary

19 July 2021
Citizens’ Festival "Disarm to Live" (Désarmer pour vivre)

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