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Appeal to All Europeans To Prevent War Against Iran
By Michel Rocard, Yehuda Atai and Jean-Marie Matagne

Published 18 November 2007

Under the title « Europeans, let us prevent the war against Iran », the daily “Libération” devoted a full page of its Friday 16 November 2007 edition to this appeal launched by MICHEL ROCARD, former French Prime minister, Member of the European Parliament, YEHUDA ATAI, member of the Israeli committee for a Middle East without weapons of mass destruction" and executive secretary of the "Mediterranean No Nuclear Neighbourhood" (MN3) network, and Jean-Marie MATAGNE, doctor in Philosophy, president of the Action of Citizens for the total Dismantling of Nukes (ACDN).

Warnings are coming from all sides : the USA is on a war footing, ready to bomb Iran. It is said that they are waiting only for the presidential order. At the start of October 2007, dozens of US personalities - political, religious, military, intellectual or artistic figures - appealed to the chiefs of staff, officers and soldiers of the USA to refuse any order to attack Iran. This unprecedented appeal underlines how real the risk is of war breaking out in the coming days, weeks or months, and how imperative it is to forestall this risk. That is why we are supporting that appeal launched across the Atlantic, which we wish to extend to Europe.

The invasion of Iraq by the US-led coalition was contrary to the UN Charter and has turned out to be catastrophic. Any aggression against Iran would be just as illegal and even more catastrophic.

The UN Charter states in Article II, § 4 : « All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations. » As the authors of the aforementioned US appeal point out, Iran has not attacked the USA, and the USA has signed the UN Charter, therefore any US attack on Iran would be illegal under international law and also under the US Constitution, which recognises treaties as part of the nation’s supreme law - and binding on all, of course, including military personnel, who have pledged allegiance to the Constitution. These remarks are equally valid for the rulers, armed forces and citizens of the European members of the UN, whether or not they are NATO allies of the USA. We therefore appeal to them to refuse in advance to cooperate in such a war, whether by giving political, economic or military assistance or by logistic support.

The ongoing war in Iraq is causing thousands of deaths among armed personnel, and hundreds of thousands in the civilian population. It is an ecological and health catastrophe which is far from being properly measured. It fuels the hatred, fanaticism and terrorism which it was supposed to combat. An attack on Iran, irrespective of its specific targets, methods and initial scale, would considerably aggravate the situation and produce similar results, not to mention its disastrous effects on the world economy. There would be even worse effects if the crazy idea of using tactical nuclear weapons - which exist - were implemented to prevent Iran from building, despite its denials, some nuclear weapons (of which the recent IAEA inspections found no trace.)

The proud people of Iran maintained, under the mullahs’ leadership, an eight-year war against the aggressions of Saddam Hussein. Another attack on Iran is no way to woo the people away from such leaders. The killing of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Iranians is no way to improve respect for human rights. The attempt to sell nuclear technology to every nation except Iran is no way to convince Iran to renounce such technology. The retention and modernisation of nuclear weapons, as is the current policy of the USA, France and the UK (plus Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Israel), is no way to force Iran to renounce them. And the continuing disrespect of Article VI of the Non-Proliferation Treaty is no way for the nuclear-weapons states to demand anything of the treaty’s other signatories, including Iran. Non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament go together. It is urgently necessary for this point to be admitted.

Indeed, only if the International Community commits itself to negotiated nuclear disarmament as required by Article VI of the NPT does it have some prospects of seeing Iran offer concrete and verifiable guarantees (if such things exist) that it will not ever obtain any nuclear weapon. This virtuous spiral should at the same time dissuade other states in the region from wanting to "proliferate", and should lead other de facto nuclear states like Israel, Pakistan and India, to commit themselves also to the path towards a world freed from all nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, in the Middle East as elsewhere.

To refuse war now does not therefore mean accepting the status quo or postponing war till tomorrow. On the contrary, it is a means of giving diplomats time, opportunity and the imperative to produce a global solution of peace and security for all the states and all the peoples of the Middle East, and beyond them for the whole planet. It is away of avoiding new bloodshed. It will allow reason to prevail, and allow our children and grandchildren to live in a world that is less violent, more just and more human. Without war, without nuclear arms or nuclear threats.

Europe can contribute to this. Europeans must stand against the approaching war.

- Michel Rocard, former French Prime minister, MEP, participated in the "Canberra Committee" which concluded on the necessity of a total nuclear disarmament, and he co-signed the Declaration on the abolition of nuclear weapons, published 2 February 1998 by General Lee Butler, former head of the US Strategic Air Command.

- Dr. Yehuda Atai, Israeli, editor of "the world of the Bible", is a member of the Israeli committee for a Middle East without weapons of mass destruction" and executive secretary of the "Mediterranean No Nuclear Neighbourhood" (MN3) network.

- Jean-Marie Matagne, Doctor in Philosophy, author of a thesis on “Two Kinds of Power” and the “balance of terror”, is president of the Action of Citizens for the total Dismantling of Nukes (ACDN) and to highlight this cause ran as a candidate in the 2002 French presidential election.

French version

Cet appel a reçu le soutien de / This appeal is supported by

Elus / Elected people

- Alain LIPIETZ, député européen, vice-président du Parlement Euro-Latinoamérician (groupe Verts/ALE) (FRANCE)

- Eloi GLORIEUX, Member of the Regional Flemish Parliament for the Flemish Green Party "Groen!", Hoeilaart (BELGIUM)

- Wouter DE VRIENDT, Member House of Representatives Belgium (political party: Groen!), Brussel (BELGIUM)

- Geri MÜLLER, Vice-president, City of Baden, Member of Swiss Parliament (SWITZERLAND)

- Erkki TUOMIOJA, MP, Foreign Minister of Finland 2000-2007, President of the Nordic Council 2008 (FINLAND)

- Dominique VOYNET, Sénatrice de Seine-St-Denis, Ancienne ministre de l’Environnement, Les Verts (FRANCE)

- Jacques MULLER, sénateur du Haut-Rhin, maire de Wattwiller (FRANCE)

- Jérôme GLEIZES, conseiller municipal de Paris (10e), membre de la direction nationale des Verts, enseignant d’économie à l’Université de Paris XIII » (FRANCE)

- Heidi HAUTALA, MP, former MEP, Green Party (FINLAND)


Personnalités / Personalities

- Hans VON SPONECK, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq 1998-2000, former UN Assistant Secretary General (GERMANY)

- Claus MONTONEN, PhD, Acting Lecturer at Helsinki University (FINLAND)

- Dr. H. Rosalie BERTELL, Regent, International Physicians for Humanitarian Medicine, Geneva (SWITZERLAND)

- Wladimir TCHERTKOFF, journaliste, écrivain, réalisateur (SUISSE)

- Thomas WALLGREN, Adjunct Professor, Head, Department of Philosophy, University of Helsinki and Chair, Institute for Peace Education in Finland, Helsinki (FINLAND)

- Marie-Monique ROBIN, journaliste, écrivain, réalisatrice (FRANCE)

ONG, associations, partis, syndicats, Eglises - NGOs, Parties, Unions, Churches

English speaking list - Liste anglophone

-  Bjørn HILT, Regional vice president of IPPNW in Europe (NORWAY)

-  Thanasis ANAPOLITANOS, Chairman of the board of the MEDITERRANEAN ANTI NUCLEAR WATCH, Rhodes (GREECE)

-  Derman BOZTOK, MD, IPPNW-Turkey General Secretary and International Councilor (TURKEY)

-  Paolo SCAMPA, President of the Italian Progressive Party (ITALY)

-  Alfred WEBRE, International Director, Institute for Cooperation in Space (CANADA)

-  Alice SLATER, Director, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (USA), signatory of the Appeal to US military against war on Iran (USA)

-  Bruce K. GAGNON, Coordinator, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, signatory of the Appeal to US military against war on Iran (USA)

-  Dave WEBB, Vice Chair CND, Convenor Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, Convenor Yorkshire CND (UK)

-  Wayne HALL, Co-ordinator, Enouranois website (GREECE)

-  Harsh KAPOOR, South Asians Against Nukes (INDIA/FRANCE)

-  Professor em. Marie ÅSBERG, StressRehab KIDS (SWEDEN)

-  Mikael BÖÖK , Coordinator, citizens’ networks (FINLAND)

-  Ak MALTEN, Director, Global Anti-Nuclear Alliance (NETHERLANDS)

-  Tore NAERLAND, Chairman, Bike for Peace (NORWAY)

-  Michael BENTLEY, Chairperson, & Angie ROCHE, Treasurer, Eastbourne for Peace and Liberty (ENGLAND)

-  Hans LAMMERHANT, campaigner, Bombspotting, Gent (BELGIUM)

-  George FAREBROTHER, Secretary, World Court Project UK; Treasurer, Institute for Law, Accountability and Peace; Secretary, Eastbourne for Peace and Liberty; Secretary, Sussex Peace Alliance (UK)

-  Nils AAREKOL, No to nuclear weapons (NORWAY)

-  Laura SAVINKOFF, Chair of The Boundary Peace Initiative (Canadian Peace Alliance) CANADA

- John HALLAM, People for Nuclear Disarmament, coordinator of the Appeal by 44 Nobel prizewinners on nuke weapons operating status (AUSTRALIA)


- Philippe de ROUGEMONT, President Association Noe21, Geneva (SWITZERLAND)

- Moji AGHA, Founder, Project on Culture and Conflict, University of Arizona, Tucson (U.S.)

- Barney RICHARDS, National Secretary, New Zealand Peace Council (NEW ZEALAND)

- Gideon SPIRO, The Israeli Committee for a Middle East Free From Atomic, Biological and Chemical Weapons (ISRAEL)

- John GILBERT, Coordinator, U.S. Citizens Against War, Florence (ITALY)

Liste francophone - French speaking list

-  Catherine MOREAU, secrétaire, Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement Nucléaire (FRANCE)

-  André LARIVIERE, Chargé des relations internationales du Réseau “Sortir du nucléaire” (FRANCE)

-  Patrick CHAPUS, président, Association de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine et du Cadre de Vie de Solerieux, 26 Solerieux (FRANCE)

-  Carla GOFFI, membre du CA du Mouvement Chrétien pour la Paix de Belgique, Bruxelles (BELGIQUE)

-  Christophe COUDERT, président de l’association « Cyplien », 31 Toulouse (FRANCE)

-  Alain DUCQ, président, et William DUPRE, secrétaire général du Parti Humaniste (FRANCE)

-  Christian COTTEN, président de « Politique de vie » (FRANCE)

-  Jacques JOLY, président de Français du Monde /ADFE du Japon de l’Ouest (JAPON)

-  Muriel DESLANDES, Coordinatrice, Mouvement Humaniste (FRANCE)

-  Jean Marc BRUNEEL, Président Groupe Non-Violent Louis Lecoin, 59 Dunkerque (FRANCE)

-  André ABEILLON, Président association ALTERN’ INFO (FRANCE)

-  Hervé OTT, responsable de l’institut Le Cun du Larzac (FRANCE)

-  Francis MEULEY, président Planète Odyssée (FRANCE)

-  Jeanne-Henriette LOUIS, Centre Quaker International de Paris (FRANCE)

-  Michèle GILKINET, présidente du GRAPPE (Groupe de Réflexion et d’Action Pour une Politique Ecologique) (BELGIQUE)

-  Maria BIEDRAWA, co-présidente du MIR (Mouvement International de la Réconciliation) (FRANCE)


-  Monique SENE, physicienne, présidente du GSIEN (Groupement de Scientifique pour l’Information sur l’Energie Nucléaire) (FRANCE)

-  Claude BASCOMPTE, président des AMIS DE LA TERRE (FRANCE)

- André BOUNY, président du Comité International de Soutien aux victimes vietnamiennes de l’Agent Orange et au procès de New York (FRANCE)

- Anna MASSINA, CANVA (Coordination de l’Action Non-Violente de l’Arche de Lanza del Vasto), France

- Roger ROTH, Alliance Humaniste, Coordination pour le Désarmement et la Paix (FRANCE)

- Jean VERNEUIL, porte-parole de l’association "Autodétermination-Tibet 09/31" (FRANCE)

- Anne-Cécile Reimann, présidente de Contr’Atom (SUISSE)

- Anne SOUYRIS, porte parole nationale et conseillère régionale d’Ile-de-France, Les Verts (FRANCE)

- Gérard CABY, Les Amis de la Terre-Nord (FRANCE)

Citoyens / Citizens


- Artemis Iakovidou HAILI, Economist at the Central Bank of Cyprus, CY-2101 Aglantzia (CYPRUS);
- Miras MEDENICA, student, Njegoseva bb-Niksic (MONTENEGRO)
- Ralph SAY, Scientific Information Officer, Woking (ENGLAND)
- Stelios IOANNOU, M. Sc., electrical engineer, Strovolos (CYPRUS)
- Richard THOMPSON COON, artist, biologist, writer, Helsinki (FINLAND)
- Dr TL WATERSTON, Newcastle on Tyne (GREAT BRITAIN)
- Tara FARHID-GALLO, Senior Transportation Engineer, Richmondville (CANADA)
- Margaret MAIER, retired teacher, Winnipeg (CANADA)
- Dora SZABO, graduate economist, Budapest (HUNGARY)
- Thanasis GERANIOS, Professor of Nuclear Physics, Athens University (GREECE)
- Denis SALTER, Professor of English, Faculty of Arts, McGill University, Montreal (CANADA)
- Regina ERBACHER-ALLAM, Diplom-Pädagogin, Dortmund (DEUTSCHLAND)
- Jack PIACHAUD, Doctor, London (UK)
- Dr. Rahim JAMSHIDI, Alfa Group Canada Inc., Toronto (CANADA)
- Richard BISHOP, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, University of Illinois (USA)
- Tracey FERGUSON, Victoria (CANADA)
- Jordan BISHOP, retired journalist, Ottawa (CANADA)
- Gillian SANDERSON, retired musicologist and social worker, Victoria (CANADA)
- Leonore WIDE, Saltsjöbaden, (SWEDEN)
- Bo FRANKENDAL, MD. Ph.D. Ass. Prof., Sundbyberg (SWEDEN)
- Sverre WIDE, PhD, Uppsala (SWEDEN)
- Lena HÖÖG, Editor, Stockholm (SWEDEN)
- Stina KJELLGREN, Saltsjöbaden (SWEDEN)
- Lena BRING, speech pathologist, Saltsjöbaden (SWEDEN)
- P. Rainer FIELENBACH, OCarm., Straubing (GERMANY)
- Dr Angelika SCHNEIDER, Lilienthal (GERMANY)
- Steven STARR, MT (American Society for Clinical Pathology) (USA)
- Claudia KARAS, Frankfurt (GERMANY)
- Yvonne EGEY, Data Advisor, Köln (GERMANY)
- Dick KILLANDER, Professor em. Dept of Oncology, University Hospital, Lund (SWEDEN)
- Prof. Dr. Werner RUF, Edermuende (GERMANY)
- Klaus MELF, MD, Peace-Health Project Manager, University of Tromsoe (NORWAY)
- Regina HAGEN, Peace Researcher, Darmstadt (GERMANY)
- Ingé EVELEIGH, Labour Party Education officer, Hastings (UK)
- Binesh HASSANPOUR, student, University of Toronto (CANADA)
- Dr. Kobi SNITZ, mathematician, Haifa (ISRAEL)
- Peter WATERMAN, PhD, Researcher/Publicist on Internationalism(s), The Hague (NETHERLANDS)
- William R. CROCHETIERE, West Hartford (U.K.)
- Dr Ross WILCOCK, Ladysmith BC (CANADA)
- Martin KURTÈN, acteur, professeur, Helsinki (FINLANDE)
- Kristin OLSONI, metteur en scène, Helsinki (FINLANDE)
- Monika & Simon BRUCE, St. Gaultier/Indre, 36 (FRANCE)
- Carita BACKSTRÖM, rédacteur, Helsinki (FINLANDE)
- Ralph DOE, Journalist, Lugan 81 (France)
- Verity PLATT, Professor of Art History, University of Chicago (USA)
- Birgitta BOUCHT, author (FINLAND)
- Stephen ABBOTT, Engineer, Salt Spring Island, BC (CANADA)


- Roger de ANDRADE, retraité, Pluvignier 56
- Marie-Noëlle ANTOLIN, enseignante, Lusseray 79
- Marie-Claude MASSET, agricultrice, St Eustache 74
- Jean-Luc VIALARD, employé, Cahors 46
- Françoise BARITEL, Toulouse 31
- Nathalie SINEGRE, enseignante, Montreuil 93
- Pierre COULOMB, ingénieur, Alboussi 07
- Sabine RUBIN, cadre territorial, Les Lilas 93
- Martine BEGNE, agricultrice, 46 Sauliac sur Célé
- Maryse VERMIS, association MSG (Monde Sans Guerres), Paris 75
- Sylvène BAROCHE, chargée de relations institutionnelles, Paris 75
- Alain GUILLARD, architecte naval constructeur, Larré 56
- Eric BASTIN, chercheur, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre 94
- Annick RUSSO, responsable administrative, Paris 75
- Michelle SALAMERO, formatrice, Paris 75
- Bernard DESABLENS, professeur en Médecine, Amiens 80
- Nicole JACQUIN, chercheuse, Ergué Gaberic 29
- Claude DIDIER, enseignant, Mens 38
- Alain DALIBARD, travailleur social, Niort 79
- Sylvie DUMONT, peintre, Lavaur 81
- Jean MOLENAT, ingénieur, Montpellier 34
- Michel PORTAL, professeur des écoles en retraite, Auray 56
- Anne-Marie HOCHET-KIBONGUI, sociologue, Roissy en Brie 77
- Luc DAZY, éducateur citoyen, Avy 17
- Edith COLIN, enseignante, Longwy 54
- Jocelyn PEYRET, salarié, Chambéry 73
- Alexandre BARDELLI, enseignant retraité, Longwy 54
- Stéphanie BEAU, sans profession, Toulouse 31
- Annie MENUGE, sculpteur, Nîmes 30
- Catherine HABERT, enseignante, Montessaux 70
- , Serge BLOTIN retraité, Marigny-les-Usages 45
- Alexandre BARDELLI, retraité, Longwy 54
- Françoise METOIS, orthophoniste, Plaisir 78
- Nadège EDWARDS, Bordeaux 33
- Sophie LARROUY, traductrice, Juan-les-Pins 06
- Agnès LE COUTOUR, psychologue, Virandeville 50
- Anna CZAPSKI, responsable culturelle, Leffrinckoucke 59
- Aurélia AUBRY, assistante logistique, Sélestat 67
- Pierre-Jean RIVAULT, correcteur d’imprimerie, Nérignac 86
- Françoise DUQUESNOY, Nérignac 86
- Christian YACONO, retraité, Sainte-Suzanne 64
- Véronique JUND, assistante, Orry-la-ville 60
- Jean-Marc BOUYER, gérant, Verdun-sur-Garonne 82
- Vesna LAZAREVIC, assistante commerciale, Vicq 03
- Loïc ROUSSAIN, enseignant retraité, Gouesnac’h 29
- Monique GUITTENIT, professeur, Lusignan Petit 47
- Odette CHAUVE, retraitée, Morangles 60
- Yves POULAIN, pasteur retraité, Manosque 04
- Christine DARDALHON, sans profession, Portes 30
- Mathias JANSSENS, Technicien TV, Belge, Horrues (Belgique)
- Jerôme HUVEY, masseur kinésithérapeute, conseiller municipal, Rocquemont 76
- Christian BAUER, commerçant, Bois-Colombes 92
- Yann TRIGANNE, Sortir du nucléaire 49, Angers 49
- Jacques MASCA, salarié, Bourges 18
- Theodora VERMIS, volontaire Unis Cités, Paris 75
- Bernadette BOIVIN, infirmière, Alès 30
- Véronique HERBEUVAL, graphiste, Toulouse 31
- Claude DIDIER, enseignant, Mens 38
- Doris HUGONNET, retraitée, Grenoble 38
- Michel CHRETIEN, retraité de la fonction publique territoriale, Plazac 24
- Géraldine ROCHE, concepteur Internet, Paris 75
- Christine et Tito CARDOSO, artistes, Messeux 16
- Barbara VERHAEGE, mère au foyer, Bruxelles (Belgique)
- Pierre GRIGNARD, gérant de sociétés, président d’honneur de l’Office des sports, Le Blanc 36
- Christine HAROUX, assistante clientèle, Aubenas 07
- Pierre SELLENET, animateur, Alès 30
- Christophe ZALIO, enseignant, Bassens 33
- Odile LEGRAND, retraitée, Yvetot 76
- Christian NORD, agent administratif, Paris 75
- Gaëlle BOUFFIERE, retraitée, Yvetot 76
- Serge PONCIN, artisan, Mireval 34
- Claire JOURDAN, infirmière, Figeac 46
- Nathalie ELISSALDE, sans profession, Mulhouse 68
- Vera ARGUIROVA & Peter MANUELOV, musiciens, Braine-l’Alleud (Belgique)
- Jean LAMBERT, Isabelle LEROY, association « Imagine la paix », Dontreix 23
- Danielle NEVEU, retraitée, St Jean d’Illac 33
- Monique LEON, infirmière, Morlaix 29
- Sylvie BUISSON, traductrice, Choisy le Roi 94
- Emmanuel FERRAN, salarié, Lugasson 33
- Francine DELAREUX, retraitée, Aubervilliers 93
- Philippe GABELLE, travailleur handicapé, Aubervilliers 93
- Michele TRIPON, professeur de Lettres, Manosque 04
- Véronique LONG, secrétaire médicale, St Sulpice 01
- François MICHIELS, conseiller financier, Lyon 69
- Angel GRAZIOLI, cadre sup. retraité, Béziers 34
- Odile DUDOUET, éducatrice, communauté Emmaüs, Péruwelz (Belgique)
- Bernard et Marie-Line CLEMENT, enseignants/altermondialistes, Margival 02
- Yves LAIGLE, retraité de la Banque de France, Saintes 17
- Christiane MOUILLAC, retraitée, Agen 47
- Alain VÉRIGNON, retraité, Toulon 83
- Jérôme GLEIZES, Membre de la direction nationale des Verts, Enseignant à l’Université Paris XIII
- Jean-Jacques TOUBHANS, assistant parlementaire, Colombes 92
- Daniel ROUYRE, réalisateur de documentaires, Saint-Avé 56
- René DE PAULIS, paysan, Le Quiou (22)
- Patricia HABIT, secrétaire, Agen 47
- Françoise GUILLOU, retraitée de la fonction publique, Aix en Provence 13
- Dominique TALIDEC, employée, Acigné 35
- Rita DAVID, orthophoniste, Bruges (Belgique)
- Jeanne-Marie GRANGER, professeur, Dissay 86
- Hatem KAROUI, écrivain et journaliste, TUNISIE
- Hartwig LOHFF, conseiller scolaire, Cluny 71
- Gérard CHEVROT, ingénieur conseil, Saint Sixt 74
- Youssef AJAAJJI, sans emploi, Villeneuve d’Ascq 59
- Sylvie MARECHAL, professeur, Berric 56
- Philippe GOBET, instituteur, Genève, Suisse
- Georges-Henri CLOPEAU, professeur retraité, St Gildas de Rhuys 56
- Jean-Jacques DAMIEN, ouvrier du bâtiment, Berric 56
- Frédérique NORTIER, Chargée de projets, Paris 75
- Christian FABRE, enseignant, Toulouse 31
- Alice CRESKENS, enseignante, Châteauroux 36
- Cédric TROLONG, animateur environnement, Châteauroux 36
- Yves BENETEAU, artisan, Belfort du Quercy 46
- Julie LEFEVRE, infographiste, Châteauroux 36
- Joëlle CUNNAC, assistante de direction, Mesvres 71
- Claudine DEMARCY, retraitée, Bugarach 11
- Michel MARTIN, instituteur retraité, St Rémy-sur-Creuse 86
- Roberte CHARVOLIN, retraitée de l’Education Nationale, Plomelin 29
- Nicole KRETCHMANN, écrivaine, Cannes 06
- Néli BUSCH et Richard LE MASSON, paysans, Camps sur l’Agly 11
- Bernard YVERT, formateur, ALBI 81
- Roger CHARRET, cinéaste, Saint Etienne 42
- Duša ZGONEC, enseignante, Annemasse 74
- Louis et Christiane VIDONNE, psychothérapeute et conseillère familiale, La Muraz 74
- Jean Luc MORESTIN, thermicien, LE BOUYSSOU 46
- Françoise Le Moing, retraitée, Gréalou 46
- Jean-Louis DEMARCQ, électromécanicien, et Catherine DEMARCQ, Varaize 17
- Magali DUVACQUIER, étudiante, Bordeaux, 33
- Odile THEVENOT, éducatrice de jeunes enfants, Fitou 11
- Jean-Luc LEBRUN, médecin, Châtillon / Cher, 41
- Bernard VAN BAALEN, pasteur, Eglise Protestante de Genève (SUISSE)
- Jean KILLIAN, retraité, Rombas 57
- Jean-Maurice MATTIO, VRP, Latouille-Lentillac 46
- Pierre BRISSET, enseignant, Varacieux 38
- Serge PONCIN, artisan, Mireval 34
- Gillette GILLET, retraitée, Grande-Synthe 59
- Jean-Philippe ALIX, professeur de voix, Saintes 17
- Valérie PETER, Thorame Basse 04
- Christian BOUTEAU, enseignant, St Jean d’Angély 17
- Gilles JARTY, architecte, Saintes 17
- René ABEL-COINDOZ, éducateur spécialisé, Avignon 84
- Bernard THIEBAUD, retraité, Saintes 17
- Lidia BRACONNEAU, sage-femme, Saintes 17
- Serge LEVILLAYER, retraité, Granville 50
- Susan TAPONIER, traductrice, Paris 75
- Marie-Claire BOISARD, retraitée, Saintes 17
- Jacqueline CADOU, sans profession, Douarnenez 29
- Jean-Paul DALIBARD, aide médico-psychologique, Angers 49
- Jean-Pierre FERRU, retraité, Niort 79
- Edouard FLOURAUD, sans profession, Igny 91
- Annette RIMBERT, universitaire retraitée, élue municipale, Baisieux 59
- Michel LABLANQUIE, éditeur, Saint-Céré 46
- Dominique CLUZEAU, enseignant, la Rochelle 17
- Françoise COLLOMB, professeur d’école, La Rochelle, 17
- Patrice VANNIER, chaudronnier naval, La Rochelle 17
- Angel GONZALEZ, retraité, Saintes 17
- Simone RINALDI, retraitée, Saintes 17
- Rémi BRARD, retraité, Saintes 17
- Serge GOLDBERG, retraité, Saintes 17
- Gaétan LOUBIGNAC, retraité, Saintes 17
- Gisèle LETEUX, Saint Jean d’Angély 17
- Jean-Claude LEGRAND, technicien, Saintes 17
- Baptiste MOTTIN, ambulancier, Fontcouverte 17
- Carine KRIER, animatrice sociale, Saintes 17
- Alain DEMINIER, professeur, et Françoise DEMINIER, psychologue, MAYOTTE
- Francis KAIGRE, retraité, Marseille 13
- Francis et Monique BERNARD, enseignants retraités, Mas Saint Chély 48

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