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Mordechai Vanunu again in jail. Let’s not forget him!
Shame on his tormentors!

Published 16 June 2010

On 20 May 2010, 3 days before he returned to jail, we faxed and sent a Letter to the Ambassador of Israel in Paris, which remained unanswered like all our earlier letters to the Israeli Embassy since 2002. Then we forwarded this last letter to President Sarkozy, inviting him to intervene in favour of Mordechai Vanunu. So far we have received no answer from the French president.

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4 July 2004: Mordechai Vanunu still in restricted freedom

Saintes, 11 November 2004: Letter to the President of the French Republic, Jacques Chirac

Request to intervene in the case of Mordechai Vanunu

by FAX

Copies to:
- The Prime Minister, Hotel Matignon
- The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Quai d’Orsay

Monsieur le Président,

On 17 October last, we forwarded to you a letter from Mr Mordechai Vanunu asking for French nationality and for French help in leaving Israel.

We learn now from agency reports that Mr Vanunu, who had been given asylum in the precinct of Jerusalem’s St George’s Cathedral, was arrested again this morning by some thirty armed men who entered the cathedral. According to Monsignor Riah, these men were not content ot violate the sanctity of the place, but used their weapons to threaten the faithful and the clergy, after which they entered Vanunu’s room, arrested him and took him to Petach-Tikwa prison.

It is likely that Mr Vanunu will be judged tomorrow, for non-respect of the restrictions that were placed on him when he was released from prison on 21 April 2004. These restrictions actually contravene the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which must be respected by all member-states of the UN, including Israel and France. If at the end of the exceptional sentence he has served, Mr Vanunu is thrown in prison again, there’s a danger that he will never get out.

For these reasons we appeal to you immediately, and to the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, to please intervene in his favour. In addition, you as President of the Republic, have the power by an urgent procedure to grant French nationality to Mr Vanunu, and this should help ensure respect for his civil and human rights.

Yours respectfully,

- Jean-Marie Matagne, President

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